Mouth Guards in Raynham, MA

Mouth guards are a significant part of dental care for people whose teeth or jaws are threatened by external activities like sports or common conditions like bruxism. Although pharmacies and general stores sell inexpensive mouth guards, these aren’t customized to fit your teeth and can often be uncomfortable and ineffective.

Instead of relying on a store-bought option, you can receive a custom mouth guard near you by scheduling an appointment with us at Raynham Dental Group. At our state-of-the-art office, we are capable of making guards that fit perfectly with your jaw and smile. The mouth guard should fit comfortably and alleviate symptoms from jaw problems.

How a Mouth Guard Is Created

Creating a mouth guard is simple and straightforward once you have been diagnosed with a particular issue. Our office will take x-rays of your mouth and jaw to ensure we have the proper fit. We then use a composite liquid that we have you bite on. The liquid hardens fast and creates an imprint of your teeth.

Using these materials, our dental lab is able to make a guard that is the right fit for your smile. Most are ready in two weeks.

Who Needs Mouth Guard?

There are several reasons why you might need to wear a guard. One of the most common is for protection during contact sports like football since there is a high risk of the teeth being damaged or the tongue being bitten.

However, many of our patients might also require a guard to treat the recurring dental issues like bruxism and TMJ/TMD. In these cases, the guard stops the wearer from grinding and clenching their teeth unconsciously. This reduces wear on the enamel and tension throughout the jaw.

If you are looking for a qualified provider of custom mouth guards in Raynham, all you need to do is schedule your initial appointment and consultation with our professionals at Raynham Dental Group. We can have your custom guard ready in as little as two weeks.

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