A Checklist for Your Next Dental Checkup

A Checklist for Your Next Dental Checkup

Feb 14, 2023

Routine dental visits are essential for keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy and functional. If you haven’t had a dental checkup recently or ever, you might wonder if there’s anything you need to do to prepare for the appointment. Use the checklist below to help you prepare for the appointment and ensure you get the most out of your visit.

What happens during a dental visit?

Once you get to the dental office, the dentist will begin by reviewing your medical history. They might ask you about existing oral and health problems like cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and diabetes. They will also ask you about existing medications, allergies, and lifestyle habits like smoking. This information helps the dentist know how best to treat or help you regarding your oral health.

After reviewing your medical history, the dentist will examine your mouth for potential oral problems like tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, poor bite, and cosmetic issues. They can look for signs like pain, sensitivity, swelling, and abnormal lesions. If any problem is detected, the dentist will create a personalized treatment plan to address your issue and restore your oral health.

After the exam, the dentist will use special dental tools to remove plaque and tartar from your mouth. Next, the dentist brushes, flosses, and polishes your teeth. They can provide preventive procedures like dental sealants and fluoride treatment if necessary.

Dental visit checklist

  • Confirm your appointment.

Confirm your dental appointment. If you don’t receive a text or email, it’s best to call the office and confirm your appointment.

  • Make a list of general questions, including concerns and issues.

In between your dental visits, note down any questions you might have about your oral health. While you might find quick answers about oral problems on Google, getting professional advice from your dentist is best. Possible questions to ask include:

  • Why do I feel pain on one side when chewing?
  • How can I prevent gum disease and other oral problems?
  • What causes teeth pain or sensitivity?
  • What habits can affect my dental health?
  • Which toothpaste, toothbrush, or mouthwash should I use?
  • What foods are best and bad for my teeth?
  • What should I do if I chip, crack, or break my tooth?
  • What can I do to whiten my smile and prevent future stains?

These questions can help your dentist diagnose and treat potential oral problems before they get out of hand. They also encourage you to pay more attention to your oral health.

Visit a dentist near you if you have issues such as:

  • Teeth pain and sensitivity
  • Sores in the mouth
  • Teeth grinding and jaw clenching
  • Problems with flossing and brushing
  • Bleeding, sore, red, or sore gum tissues
  • Pain when chewing or biting down
  • Clicking or popping jaw
  • Loose teeth
  • Tell the dentist about any health changes and medications.

Your physical health can affect your oral health. That’s why you must notify your dentist about any changes in your health and new medications. Certain conditions like diabetes and pregnancy can significantly impact your gums, teeth, and mouth. Certain medications can also cause a dry mouth and other oral issues, increasing your risk of oral problems like decay and gum disease.

  • Inquire about your dental insurance.

Some dental procedures can be expensive. It’s, therefore, essential to understand what your insurance covers. You can ask about common dental procedures like teeth whitening, fillings, bridges, dentures, and crowns.

Also, ask about insurance deductible, the amount you’ll pay to be covered by the insurer. It will help determine how much you pay out of pocket for dental procedures. Lastly, ask about your dentist’s financing options. The dentist may have a membership plan or may be able to work with you if your treatment plan is not something you can afford.

Are you ready to schedule your next dental check-up?

For more information about routine dental visits, contact Raynham Dental Group, the Office of Dr. Michael Scanlon, to speak with our dentist in Raynham, MA.

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